Lanopearl Dr. Gravitac Wrinkle Serum 30ml

Lanopearl Dr. Gravitac Wrinkle Serum 30ml
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Lanopearl Dr.Gravitac Relaxing Wrinkle Gravity Defying Serum firms your wrinkles and elevates facial contours without injection. Innovative breakthrough formula delivers superb benefits of 3 scientific discoveries, argireline, syn-ake and Hexapeptide-10. It also helps repair the damaged skin. Expect result after 28 days. Benefit: Visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, result in 30 days Gradual uplifting of sagging skin best for age >45 years old Stimulating production of collagen and elastin with Lab-engineered Active Ingredients.

Instructions: After cleansing, apply a few drops of Dr.Gravitac serum, focusing on five areas prone to fine lines & wrinkles (forehead, nose, chin and cheeks) and massage gently. Recommended usage twice daily.


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